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I do slightly miss the metal backing of the older Kindles; it made them feel a bit sturdier, whereas this basic Kindle is just hard plastic.However, I suspect that using a metal casing would up the price considerably, and I feel that the cheaper price of this basic Kindle far outweighs that slight drawback.I personally do not read in bed with the lights off -- I fall asleep while reading like that.

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That being said, this version of Kindle does seem quite fragile, as mentioned before, so when I carry it with me in my purse, I am covering it with a knit beanie hat for now.Eventually I will buy a small soft pouch to store it in; I have seen them for sale here on Amazon.Even though the Kindle seems fragile, the size and weight of the device is a definite advantage while will be back to square one and will either have to purchase a new kindle or buy a light for your expensive kindles. I have no need for a tablet or anything of the sort.

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You can increase the letter size if you're reading at night with indoor lights and you can read perfectly. This Kindle delivers on that front in every way possible.

First of, let's start off by pointing out the obvious, it's under 0. Before you order, read the specs and compare it to the other Kindles.